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Private Events

In our experience, a lot of private event spaces look the same. Lifeless ballrooms, dirty nightclubs, expensive bar or restaurant buyouts. Its hard to find a space that excites you, doesn't break the bank, and isn't sticky to the touch. The Get Down addresses this need and more. You feel the personality as soon as you enter the space. 

The Space You Have Been Looking For

With a strong background in wedding and corporate event planning, you can rest assured the team at the Get Down will be the perfect partner for any event you want to throw in the space. 


Built under an event center, it was designed with flexibility in mind. You can separate your bar area from your stage space for weddings and work events requiring presentations, allowing for a big "reveal" to easily transition from work or ceremony to party

Room Information

  • Venue Room: 270 Capacity Standing. Seated capacity varies per layout. Room equipped with stage, sound and lighting, and projector. 

  • Bar Room: Total capacity around 130 with 32 seated spaces, with option to add more seating. 

  • VIP room: Equipped with pool table and sofa furniture, this space is perfect for smaller parties, or for private space for brides or grooms. 

  • Greenroom: Just built and containing a private full bath with shower, plenty of seating, and fully vanity, this additional space is versatile for your every need.

  • Greenroom #2: Yep, you read that right, we have two. While it doesn't have a private bath, there is plenty of room and seating, and this room is right off the main venue space. 

  • Kitchen: Our commercial kitchen is equipment to handle most prep and service needs, and smaller cooking requirements. If you want a full catering experience, our friends at The Melody Ballroom about us are happy to cater. We also allow for food to be brought in for private events.

  • Bathrooms: We have 7 stalls and 3 urinals in our completely renovated bathrooms. 

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