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ticketing statement

As a venue created by music fans, for music fans, we at The Get Down are against high ticket fees. While we want to make sure we use a ticketing system that has good infrastructure so we can have smooth ticketing services from purchase to scanning day of show, we are committed to keeping the fees as low as possible, which still delivering a top notch venue experience in both artists booked and quality of the venue. Here is an explanation of the fees you will see associated with our tickets:

  • Processing Fee: Tixr charges a 10% fee on top of the overall cost of the ticket. There is also a 3% credit card processing fee included in the price you see for service fee. 100% of this money goes directly to Tixr

  • Service Fee: This is an added fee, normally by the promoter of the show, but also can include a facility fee. We work with the promoters to try to keep this low, but it is something that is normally required by them to get some of the better acts. That said, we are happy to offer the following options to get lower fee, or avoid them entirely:

  • Advance Door Tickets: Since we don't have a traditional box office window, we can't sell advanced tickets to shows during concerts as we need to keep our front entry clear. However, we are now offering low fee tickets on Mondays from 6PM-8PM. These are classic hard copy tickets to shows at a reduced fee of $2 per ticket. This charge is to help offset the cost of printing tickets, as well as staffing costs. There is also a 3% charge for any credit card transition. 

  • Door Tickets: We don’t charge fees for any tickets sold at the door on the day a show is occurring when paying with cash (credit cards still incur a 3% fee from Tixr). These tickets are made available when doors open for the show, and are only available when the show has not sold out in advance


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