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Celebrating a birthday? Want to treat yourself and the crew? We have options to elevate your concert experience.

VIP Room (360 photo - click & drag)

VIP Booth (360 photos - click & drag)

VIP Booth

Fitting up to 8 people, our VIP booth gives you a great view of the action, with a speaker fill pointed in your direction so you get the great sound we are known for. Want to hit the dance floor? We dont blame you. Your booth will be waiting for you when you want a breather, with full access to the dance floor just steps away. 


VIP Room

Room for 20 people seated, and up to 30 if you don't mind closer quarters, our private VIP room has all the luxury you'll need with our leather couches and professional quality pool table. 

Ultimate VIp Experience

The combination of both our VIP options, this option gets you the perfect pre show hang + the reserved space during the show. With this option we reserve the entire area around the booth, so that your group can hold it down in both spots with plenty of room for 20-30 people. 

Interested in these options for an upcoming show?


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