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Diversity and Inclusion Statement

At The Get Down, our mission is to provide an accessible and welcoming space, regardless of someone’s age, sexual identity, gender, race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, or ability. Our goal is to continually listen and be receptive to feedback so we can continuously improve the space we provide for everyone to get down, enjoy music, and most importantly…have FUN. While we know we won't get everything right at first, we are going to strive to:


  • Offer music written and performed by creators of diverse identities.

  • Support community engagement projects by sponsoring events and music from under served or underrepresented groups in Portland OR.

  • Partner with organizations owned and/or operated by historically misrepresented individuals to further build business relationships, joint-projects, and non-profit collaborations.

  • We will focus and aim to always be inclusive and equitable in our job opportunities and staff hires.


Opening this venue has been a dream many years in the making. As mostly white, cis-male business owners, we understand we have specific privileges that helped us get here. We also recognize that this same dream has been taken away from other Portland business owners in the past because of systemically racist institutions, policies, or individuals in power. That is why we will be working towards these tenets and making allyship a top priority. We vow to do our part to dismantle the racism, sexism, and able-ism that still pervades our community.

As a new business just opening, we know we cannot fulfill all of these intentions right now. But we hope that we will be here long enough to grow a community of artists, musicians, dancers, and music lovers that can help us bring these intentions to light. 

The Get Down management encourage you to please contact us if you have any questions or comments on this. We are always open to hearing from others to gain insight into how we can have our actions speak infinitely louder than our words.

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